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Luxury day spa best massage gift

Luxury day spa best massage gift

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Luxury day spa best massage gift

top ranked day spa perth

top ranked day spa perth

Luxury day spa best massage gift

Luxury day spa best massage gift


Luxury day spa Essential Oils for Peace & Healing

Fall In Love With Aromatherapy

I used to be a little skeptical about essential oils, for no good reason really. A few articles I read on the internet definitely tainted my opinion. I shrugged off the entire idea of aromatherapy until recently, when I received twenty different essential oils, a book, and a diffuser for my birthday. And now I’m addicted. I already forgot what life was like before daily aromatherapy!

Are you still on the fence about aromatherapy? Perhaps now is a good time to practice open-mindedness. There is no harm in trying something new, especially when it has the potential to heal your entire being. You’re here for a reason today, and if you weren’t slightly interested in aromatherapy you’d be reading something else. I promise nothing but awesomeness will come from bringing aromatherapy into your life.

Taking top-shelf mystery medication from the pharmacy that is said to cure whatever ails you usually ends up causing a wave of unpleasant side effects, which can sometimes be worse than the original illness. This cruel cycle is coming to an end, starting today. Wouldn’t you rather heal yourself with the natural resources of the Earth? You know, the ones that actually fix the issue without bringing about new issues? Of course you would!

With this post, I hope to shed some light on the wonderful world of aromatherapy for those who haven’t the slightest idea where to begin. I was in your shoes just a short while ago, and I know how hard it can be to take the plunge into holistic healing. So, let’s start with the basics.

The Absolute Basics Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are the essence of the Earth-life they are extracted from, usually through some form of steamed distillation that separates the oil from the plant. They are deliciously fragrant, have astonishing healing properties, and are entirely natural. For literally thousands of years, diverse cultures all around the world have been using essential oils for healing of all kinds. Open wounds, stress, imbalances, chronic pain, depression, fear, headaches, resentment, stomach aches, and mental fogginess are just a few of the problems that can be solved with essential oils!

Physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds can all be treated with essential oils, but how?

Basically, there are four different ways to use essential oils: inhalation, diffusion, topical application, and ingestion.Mixing together particular essential oils can amplify their healing powers. Some essential oils are great for general use and blend well with a variety of oils, while others may be more effective alone.

Carrier oils are vegetable oils (like coconut, olive, or grape seed) that are meant to dilute essential oils before use, specifically for topical application. “Neat” refers to putting essential oils on the skin without diluting with a carrier oil first. For diffusion, carrier oils are not usually necessary, but for topical application, carrier oils are a must. Very rarely should essential oils be applied neat, as they are rich in chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive skin.

As far as ingestion goes, the industry couldn’t be more divided. There are plenty of safe ways to consume essential oils, like adding them to tea or water. Chefs can even use essential oils in their dishes to add potent flavor. But some essential oils are toxic if ingested, and others should only be ingested in very specific dosages. These reasons and more are why most people tend to stray away from ingesting essential oils all together.

With all the above being said, I want you to know that essential oils are SAFE, and plenty of people all around the world ingest essential oils and put them on their skin with nothing but amazing results. But for the sake of this post, I will focus on direct inhalation and diffusion (aka aromatherapy), as topical application and ingestion really should only be left to experienced essential oil users.

Perhaps after becoming comfortable using essential oils, you’ll feel inclined to discover what these magical potions can really do!

Why Does Aromatherapy Work?

Through the power of scent, our emotional and spiritual bodies can be healed with essential oils. If you’ve never tried aromatherapy before, you truly are missing out! People love essential oils because they smell delightful and bring lots of comfort. Healing the physical and mental bodies is effortless and instantaneous with essential oils. Even if you’re skeptical about their healing properties, you can still enjoy their delightful scents, and find practical ways to use them at home.

Essential oils work because they come from plants, which come from the Earth, which is made out of all the same elements we (humans) are made of. The naturally occurring chemicals in our bodies can also be found in these extraordinary oils, which is why they work so well for healing us physically and emotionally.

Essential oils are a safe, fun, simple, and lovely way to enhance your physical health and spiritual wellbeing.

The part of the brain associated with the sense of smell is call the olfactory system. The enchanting aromas we inhale pass through the olfactory system and travel to the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotions, heart rate, moods, hormones, blood pressure, and memories (to name a few).

The connection between these two bodily systems explains why scent can trigger physical and emotional responses. Also, essential oils help to strengthen the body’s natural processes because of chemical similarities between the oils and ourselves. Pretty cool right?

While there is no “scientific evidence” proving that aromatherapy “works,” its popularity continues to rise, and for good reason. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, unlike other health fads that come and go like newspapers.Essential oils are not just a trend that will get be replaced one day. Those of us who understand the healing properties of essential oils will keep on using them long after the fads all fade away.

Are you a person who is influenced by the fads, or are you serious about healing your mind, body, and spirit? Because there is so much more to aromatherapy than what initially meets the nose. Your diffuser can become your best friend, if you just give it a chance.

So, what are diffusers exactly? Can aromatherapy come with me wherever I go?

Diffusers are little machines that turn water mixed with essential oils into perfumed vapor. Whenever I fill my diffuser, I let it run until the water is all gone. One or two drops of an essential oil for every 100 milliliters of water is the general rule of thumb, but in my opinion, there is room to play here.

Really, there is no wrong time for aromatherapy. But being somewhere outside the home means you must take consideration of others into account. Some people have severe allergies to certain scents or plants, so we must be mindful if we take our essential oils with us. However, a quick whiff probably wont cause many problems. Just be sure to close the cap on the bottle quickly and tightly!

Ideal times for aromatherapy include: when you’re sick, when you’re physically in pain, when you’re meditating, while you’re working, while you’re sleeping, during study sessions, as you clean the house, during spiritual ceremonies, as a compliment to your beauty routine, while you’re in the tub or shower, or when there’s a specific ailment that needs attention (constipation, headaches, minor wounds, etc.). Essential oils are so easy to make part of your every day life!

What Role Does Aromatherapy Play In Our Spiritual Journeys?

Aromatherapy is one of those things that seamlessly aligns with all your favorite spiritual practices. No matter what you’re doing, you can fill your diffuser accordingly. Maybe you enjoy a little rosemary while you work, or meditate with lavender surrounding you to promote relaxation. You can even fall asleep with your diffuser running to encourage sweet dreams and healthy immune systems.

Often, aromatherapy is used in conjunction with other spiritual activities such as yoga, journaling, crystal therapy, meditation, tarot readings, or cleansing rituals. Scent has been regarded as divine for generations, and has been known to summon spirits, cleanse temples, and banish evil. No sacred space is complete without catering to our sense of smell, as it can heavily influence our mood and vibrations.

Peppermint is useful for increasing intuitive awareness in meditation, as well as being a powerful respiratory healer. Orange helps to stimulate creativity, which ultimately leads to a higher state of consciousness. Lemon releases negativity from our mind and warms our hearts with joy. Sandalwood is well known for supporting intuition and destroying emotional blocks. And we are just getting started!

Take the time to play around with all these different healing elements to find what suits your unique spiritual needs best!

What’s fun about aromatherapy is the amount of personalization that comes with it. Most everything is all a matter of personal preference, which makes for some exciting experimentation. Don’t be afraid to explore new combinations of oils in your diffuser, I’m sure you’ll find something unique to fall in love with in no time.

Personally, I can’t work at my desk without something fragrant next to me. I bounce between incense sticks, sage wands, candles, resin, and essential oils becauses I like to change things up and make my supplies last as long as possible. Aromatherapy definitely works best with essential oils (in my opinion), but so long as no synthetic materials are involved, I can achieve the same results using different methods.

Honestly, my favorite essential oil to put in my diffuser is rose. Instantly, my home is transformed from typical apartment to mystical fantasy land! I also really enjoy white sage and lavender, two of the most classic aromatherapy scents there are. I’m looking forward to expanding my essential oil horizons, and I hope you are too.

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