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best massage gift vouchers under $100

best massage gift vouchers under $100 day spa Perth WA

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Best massage gift vouchers under $100
best massage gift vouchers under $100

best massage gift vouchers under $100 

Best massage gift vouchers under $100 try our day spa deluxe Pedicure

Learn the different pedicure options available to you — from athletic, fish, paraffin, chocolate, ice cream and more — and find out which types of pedicures are best for calluses, cuticles, ingrown toenails, dry foot skin, nail polish and all your other foot needs.

Feet certainly aren’t the most popular body part, but they have inspired major growth of one of the most popular beauty treatments: The pedicure. This indulgent spa experience has taken hold of America, contributing to the near 75% increase in the nation’s nail salon numbers since 2000. And with that nail spa and nail salon explosion has come a wide variety of pedicure options, each tailored for specific nail care needs and for specific spa experiences. From a French pedicure to a Shanghai style pedicure, check out the complete list of your pedicure options below, keeping in mind that each spa and salon may have their own name for the different types of pedicures and use its own products for each foot and nail treatment.

best gift vouchers for a Classic or Regular Pedicure

This is the standard treatment pretty much all salons and spas offer. Classic pedicures include a warm foot soak and a foot scrubbing with either a pumice stone or foot file followed by clipping of the nails, shaping of the nails, your cuticles being pushed back, a short foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polish (if desired). This option is good for people who are looking for regular foot and toenail maintenance like callus removal without much fuss or pampering.

For more about classic pedicures, including what a regular pedicure feels like, click here.

best gift vouchers for a Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure elevates the classic pedicure in many ways. The process generally includes a variety of upgrades, including aromatherapy oils added to the footbath, an exfoliating scrub to further remove calluses, a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dips. In addition, spa pedicures are generally done in a more relaxing, private environment than a typical pedicure at a regular nail salon. The experience should make you feel pampered and ultra relaxed.

Athletic or Sports Pedicure

This type of pedicure is very similar to a classic pedicure but with a slight twist: cooling aromatics are used to help soothe sore, tired muscles. Scents often include peppermint, eucalyptus and/or cucumber. Some salons also offer extra massage with athletic pedicures. It’s a perfect treatment for athletes of any gender as well as anyone looking to get their feet in great shape without frills and luxury. Footfiles recommends this option for people who suffer from ingrown toenails, stubborn calluses and other foot issues that need serious TLC.


We can offer a Stone Pedicure

A stone pedicure is less a pedicure and more a foot massage that begins with a classic warm footbath followed by a variety of different essential oils that are rubbed on with the help of hot stones. It’s an indulgent experience meant to soothe the sorest of leg and foot muscles, but it doesn’t always provide the cuticle attention, skin scrub and other details classic pedicures provide.

Other different pedicures around the globe are

Fish Pedicure in Bali

One of the fishiest trends to hit the beauty world in some time, fish pedicures are similar to classic pedicures in all but one area: the removal of dead skin. While typical pedicures remove calluses and dead skin with a pumice stone or a metal foot file scrub, fish pedicures handle the calluses in an entirely different way: small carp fish called garra rufa fish (or doctor fish) nibble the calluses and dead skin off of the feet and toes. It’s been said that the painless practice, originally hailing from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, can cure eczema and psoriasis.

Milk And Honey Pedicure

This pedicure can be hard to find, but well worth the search. It starts with a relaxing soak in a warm milk bath followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub and a honey mask. Some milk and honey pedicures include paraffin wax treatment. It’s a super hydrating, skin softening experience for those looking for extra moisture and exfoliation.

Wine Pedicure

Who knew I Love Lucy style grape stomping could also be good for your feet? Apparently, wine is great for the skin, which is why this pedicure trend began. Believe it or not, wine is full of rejuvenating antioxidants that soften and liven your feet, cuticles and calluses, so wine pedicures often begin with a foot soak that includes vino followed by classic pedicure steps. Cheers!

Ice Cream Pedicure

This type of pedicure gained popularity a couple of years ago and starts with a foot soak that includes an ice-cream shaped fizzing “bath ball” full of vitamins, minerals and aromatics that helf soften the feet. This is followed by a foot scrub with either an “ice cream sandwich” pumice for calluses — one side for buffing and one side for softening and polishing — or a vanilla, strawberry or chocolate foot scrub. This is typically followed by a “foot icing” moisture treatment using whipped lotion and is finished off with red nail polish — to simulate the cherry on top, of course!

5 Ways to Heal Heels and Repair Dry, Cracked Skin

Summer is upon us and that means pedicure appointments are filling up as clients prepare to shed their shoes in favor of flip-flops and sandals. Make sure your clients’ heels are healthy and smooth so they dare to be bare. These five treatments will fight dry skin and give your clients beautiful, beach-ready feet.

sPolished piggies and a relaxing massage are two motivators to book a pedicure, but techs can use a third angle to get new clients in their chairs — and this one is packed with potential for an upsell. Dry, ragged heels make no distinction between gender or age, which means nearly every client will benefit from scheduling a pedi appointment to soften up their rough edges.

In the earliest stages, dry heels are unsightly, but left untreated, they have the potential to become painful as neglected skin begins to harden and crack. “It can become a real problem,” says Lisa Klemeyer, DPM, a podiatrist at Aesthetic and Family Podiatry Center in Sarasota, Fla. “I’ve seen heels that have broken open and become infected. Unless the problem is a result of a skin condition, cracked, compromised heels can be avoided with regular maintenance.”

That’s good news for nail techs! Below, we’ll give you five recommended treatments to help heal your clients’ heels. Each of the suggestions functions as an add-on to a regular pedicure service, so be sure to schedule appropriately and inform the client you’re providing a heel-focused step within the service so she understands the difference in the price.

Market these heel services intentionally: Promote them on Facebook, put signs around the salon, and pass out promo cards. Heel care is a great hook to attract both male and female clients. Along with heel-focused care in the salon, offer clients remedies for home use. This can include traditional items, such as body butters, oils, and lotions, and can extend to socks to wear overnight and files, buffers, pumice stones, etc., to keep dry skin at bay.


A typical pedicure includes a “gentle exfoliation,” but this slough and scrub is more intense than that. This add-on should take about 10 additional minutes and requires the nail tech to apply sloughing lotion to the heels and follow with a buff using a coarse file or pumice stone.

Sloughing lotion has a satisfying effect because it appears as though tons of dead skin is being removed from the dry area. The truth is some dead skin is coming off, but some of the debris is simply the lotion itself. Either way, it’s an effective way to soften skin and remove dead cells. Some sloughing products are applied as a standard lotion; others as a foam or gel. You can even choose some with a fine grit to enhance exfoliation. Once the lotion has been completely sloughed away, use a file or pumice to finish the job. Because the active ingredients of the sloughing lotion are still present on the surface of the skin, it will be easier to remove the stubborn patches that remain. Follow with a hydrating body lotion that contains shea or cocoa butter.

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